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Genesis Roofing, Toronto Ontario Roofer, GTA, Richmond Hill, North York, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Missisauga, Brampton, Markham

About Us

Our Reputation

Our firm stands for integrity. We have been providing top quality roofing applications to the Greater Toronto area for over thirty-six years.

Genesis is registered with:

We have never had a complaint registered with any agency. We are also fully bonded and insured. Genesis prides itself in being in the service sector. Our commitment to service and quality is second to none in our industry.

Unfortunately, the roofing industry has a high failure rate. Not many roofing companies have survived “the test of time”. Look at other roofers’ Metro Trade License numbers. How large are the numbers? Genesis has a very low Metro Trade License number, (only four digits). We have been in business a long time.

Our Goals

Our goals are straightforward and simple. Quality is our number one goal on every job. We set the highest standards for every job we do. After thirty-six years and four recessions, we realize the value of a job well done. We want you, our customer, to be completely satisfied with all aspects of dealing with our firm. We know that then, and only then, will you refer Genesis to your friends and neighbours. This is how our business grows. Referrals and repeat business are a major portion of our yearly sales.

Only Top Quality Products Used

To achieve a top quality job, you must first start with top quality manufacturers and materials. We use Canadian manufacturers. With free trade now in place, the market is being flooded with American product lines. These American shingles are distributed by new companies. Will they be around if service is required? Will your particular colour be available 5–10 years down the line? We do not feel this is worth the risk to save a few dollars.

All manufacturers offer "specials" or seconds. These products are sold at discount prices because they are sub-standard. Genesis will not use manufacturer's seconds. The initial savings are not worth our reputation.

With every product we utilize, careful consideration is given to ensure that the product is the best, for your particular application. Caulking prices range from a few dollars to over $10.00 per tube. Roofing nails can be regular or electro-galvanized. We do not cut corners. You the customer, get what you pay for. Cost is not a consideration when we "spec" a job. The highest quality goes into each and every job we do.

Experienced and Seasoned Applicators

You will not find part timers or high school students roofing on your job. All of our employees go through rigorous hiring and training procedures before they are allowed in the field. We pay our installers top dollar and demand top quality.

We believe we get what we pay for. Genesis has a strict written code of conduct, which each installer must follow. This is to ensure that each job is conducted in the most professional manner possible. Our installers even get bonuses, on each job, for quality and a satisfied customer.



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